Wednesday, November 10

True or False - A little game

Each of these situations is either true or false (if you don't already know that, I'm sorry but there is no help for you.)  In the comments, guess which it is and don't cheat.  The winner gets a great big pat on the back from yours truly.  It's like Christmas early!

1.  The other day the battery on our car died while Eric was at the store.  I tried to start it to see if I knew what the problem was.  After determining that it was, in fact, a dead battery, I got out of the dead car.  I got in the live car.  Eric and I drove to an auto parts store for jumper cables.  When we got back to the grocery store, our car was gone.  G O N E.  Heart racing, I looked around the parking lot and found our dead car had plunged tail first into another car in the lot.  I promptly realized I left the car in neutral and felt stupid.

2.  One day at school I went into the bathroom stall to - well, you know.  Before I sat down, I tried to hang my back pack on the little hooky deal on the door.  The hooky deal was very puny.  I tried to force my very-heavy-laptop-toting bag onto the hook.  As I turned to sit down, the very-heavy-laptop-toting bag fell down and made a horrible crunching noise.  I promptly realized the hook was really much too puny and felt stupid.

3.  I forgot about doing laundry yesterday.  And the days before.  And now there is a giant mountain of laundry that won't go away no matter how much I stare at it.  I didn't really forget, I just didn't want to do the laundry.  Now, I have a lot of dirty laundry and very little clean laundry.

4.  Carly played 'car' with the key (SINGULAR) to the dead battery car.  Now the key is lost.  Apparently I have enough 'stuff' that the key is permanently lost.  I feel an itch to purge all my stuff.  And by my stuff, I mean the kids' stuff.

5.  My poor father just had a coronary when my mother told him what was on my blog.  Because he doesn't read it himself.  He listens to the synopsis and then gleans out the most dramatic bits.  Sorry Daddy.


Tami said...

I'm going to guess that #1 is false and all the rest are true.

Mistylynn said...

It wouldn't be suprising to me if they were all gets crazy sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I know the real answer, but I can also make #5 true too - feel the power!

Jamie Lyn said...

I hope that you guys found the one and only key that sweet carly lost!! I hope you guys have a great day!