Monday, December 6

Sunday Confessional

I think flameless candles are stupid. 

I hate it when people post "miracle" pregnancy stories. 

I totally believe in miracles. 

I am pretty spiteful and mean in my head.

I do a lot of things out of fear.

My feelings got really badly hurt a few weeks ago.  It's hard to suck it up.

I am so glad it is the end of the semester.  I love being in school, but I'm tired.  It's a lot of work.  I underestimated how much work it would be.

I don't like how much I yell.

I wish I was a better mother.

I hate being shy.

I'm often play "what if" scenes out in my head.  What if Eric died.  What if I published a book.  What if we had to move again.  What if what if what if...

I don't like wasting time on anger.  

I wish I didn't get angry so easily.

I wish I had as much faith in myself as I have in my children.

This list was much more serious than I intended.


Anonymous said...

I want another list, perhaps one to Santa explaining the good things you've done to deserve that Kindle, and chocolate, and an extra set of car keys (because you DO deserve them).

Just a few follow up items to consider to based on your inputs:

1. How is it possible to have a flameless candle - no flame no candle, that "invention" can only be an electric scent expeller or an electric light poser stick.
2. Every pregnancy is a miracle, and an even greater miracle is any kid who survives to be a parent.
3. You should do things out of fear - I have a hangar with your name on it!
4. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, and if it was not me I want a hint so I can use a hangar on the meanie.
5. I'm stuck trying to figure out how you could be a better mom, except maybe having more pumpkin pie around the house (the kind with sugar included).
6. I want to hear some good/fun/silly what if scenes - yours and the kiddies. For example "what if Eric dyed his hair pink".

Harmony said...

Okay, so Anon is right that "every pregnancy is a miracle," But, come on. I know what you mean and I hate it too.

Especially when a certain friend of mine has 4 "miracle" pregnancies. Really? 4 miracles? And she considers herself infertile? Oh geez, don't get me started...