Saturday, January 8

Carly's first 'modeling' gig

A couple of weeks ago a friend at church called to ask if she could use Carly in a photo shoot for a new website.  Carly participated in this conversation, thanks mainly to the speaker phone her father is fond of, and immediately began excited twirling and posing.  

The result of her photo shoot is a few pictures that are part of a really great program called Seminary Street School.  (If you're my facebook friend, you've already been introduced to this great site.  But you really can't get too much of a good thing, right?)  The premise for this new site is simple: scripture based pre-K.  I was really impressed when I saw the actual product that Seminary Street is offering.  The lesson plans offer math, science, writing, cutting practice, craft ideas, scheduling plans, and more.  There are some really ingenious ideas that I haven't seen anywhere else, plus it's just plain fun.  Right now Seminary Street has lesson plans based on Book of Mormon scriptures, but they plan to add Old and New Testament lesson plans in the future.

We're proud that Carly is part of this project, even in such a small way as a few photographs.  I hope you'll check it out and spread the word!

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What a great school. My kids had a wonderful preschool teacher who had them reading out of the Book of Mormon before they went to kindergarten.