Tuesday, January 11

A Silly Tea Party

While I often wonder, what, exactly is going through the minds of my children I have come to realize it is probably best if I just don't know.  Here they are dressed in "tea party" regalia.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm guessing that one or a combination of these events surronded the party:
-Joshy could not find his tea party sword (perhaps hidden by the Diva);
-Joshy was forbidden to bring the sword (or action figure/boy doll) to the photo shoot;
-The expected sword/gun/action figure was already saving Joshy's place at the table and keeping puppies from stealing his cookies;
-There is a baby suit involved in the girlie party garb;
-At least 3 other pairs of shoes were tried out with the outfit before the final walk down the red carpet shown;
-There is nail polish in the handbag for an after tea activity.

If only there were Lego tea party items - not the minifigure size ones!