Monday, February 7


My grandfather, Bud (mad props if you can tell me who else makes this funny face)

And the love of his life, my grandmother Dorothy.

Also, a photo of my grandfather from WW 2 with an inscription that will make you laugh.

(Bud, You are the guy on the extreme right, what an outfit your wearing, you look like a tramp.  We were sitting on the bank of the Danube waiting for our 4048's to take us to Le Hoore (?).  You look in deep thought, Bud, I bet you were thinking of Dottie or could it be you were regretting separation from the army.  Love and Kisses - Tommy)


Anonymous said...

Funny how Joshy is almost making the same face as grandpa almost right next to him on your blog!

Sarah said...

It is funny but he is not the one I'm thinking of!

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, anonymous was not attempting to win the contest. I fail to see the allure of receiving angry movie set objects. I say they can stay on the back lot of Universal Studios to amaze the tourists. You did not grab one from there while everybody else was distracted by Jaws, right?