Saturday, April 23

13 Plus One

Day 14 - Favorite book of your favorite writer

Since I named 3 favorite writers yesterday, I'll name my favorite books for each today (that way it won't just be Harry Potter again...)

Favorite writer off the page: Obert Skye.  Favorite book by Obert: Pillage.  (Obert Skye is a lesser known author, his books include the Leven Thumps series, Pillage, and Choke.  I happen to know Mr. Skye personally and he's pretty fantastic.  But that's another story.)

Favorite Young Adult writer: Suzanne Collins.  Favorite book by Suzanne:  The Hunger Games.

Favorite overall writer: JK Rowling.  Favorite book by JK: (as previously mentioned) Half Blood Prince.

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Tami said...

Yesterday I listed Diana Gabaldon as my favorite author. I simply love the way she writes. As such, it's hard for me to pick a favorite of her books (especially since her Outlander series averages about 800 pages per book, so I've only read them once so far!). I guess I'll have to pick Outlander, the first book of the Outlander series. It roped me into reading the rest of the series, so evidently it was pretty good. ;)