Monday, April 4


How do you cope
with the crushing weight of burdens
of a thousand little things that rush in
like spotlights on the inadequate.

How do you cope
when words aren't enough
and fingers can't touch
voices can't sing
lips can't rise into smiles.

How do you cope
when wee ones lie helpless on your lap
no laughing, no crying, no sounds
just stillness
and darkness
and waiting.

How do you cope
with cruel intentions
and misplaced best wishes
and doubt -
doubt that rises like waves on the sea
washing away hope
violating faith.

Eyes to the light
face to the sky
heart to the wind
blown away by the breath
of peace as you slumber
Rising up like the sun
on the morning
You cope.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How do you cope? A couple suggestions:
- count your blessings
- eat some chocolate
- find something to be thankful for and say it
- pray, ponder, fast, pray
- find somebody to help
- ask for a tickely spanking
- take a nap
- let Carly paint your fingernails
- do what you have been taught is right
- give that wee one all your love in hugs, words, actions, and hope
- make something (Legos, stamps, food, mud pies, wood piles, words, anything! - even radio towers)
- sing/pray