Sunday, April 17

Eight is great

Most overrated book

I'm gonna be awfully generic here: Anything by Stephen King.  The few I've read were creepy, yes.  But also very similar.  Something bad and scary happens, people swear, something bad and scary and dead happens, people swear.  While I think that profanity in some books is just part of the setting, overall it usually feels forced.  Most people do not swear all that often, although I acknowledge exceptions to this rule.  I personally would much rather settle in to a good, scary book that is devoid of all that trash.  And I highly value books that my children can pick up when I'm not around.


llegue said...

Rainbow Fish.....Ayn Rand would roll over in her grave over that book

Tami said...

When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris. I read this for book group and was so excited to read it because everyone there thought he was such a great, funny author. Clearly, I didn't agree. Ugh.

Julie Wiens said...

I have read hardly anything by King, but it seems like the "Green Mile" would be pretty different from his other books. He also did "The Eyes of the Dragon" which, if memory serves, was pretty good.