Wednesday, May 4

It's a fantasy of mine

Day 23 – A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t

I guess I'm going to go with "The Gathering Storm" by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson.  TGS is the 12th book in the Wheel of Time series, I've read the others in the series - although I'll admit to some skimming.  These aren't little books, they are big bricks of words and sometimes you just gotta skip some stuff.  Anyhow, I've also read some other books by Brandon Sanderson - two to be specific, Elantris and Mistborn Book 1.  I enjoyed both of these books and I think that Brandon Sanderson has a fresh voice and style which should mesh well with Robert Jordan.    

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Tami said...

The one that tells the story of my house being sold! ;)
Other than that one, it might sound kinda weird, but Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope. I've been wanting to read it since he was elected, but obviously I haven't yet!