Monday, May 2

Sunday Roundup

A break for the book meme to talk about the other things in life

- It's the last week of school for me (other than finals).  My first year back is almost over!  I am relieved, happy, excited (to be done), proud, and did I say relieved?  I forgot what a grind it can be, how much pressure it can be, and how much fun.  I do like it, although I'm not a big fan of my commute or waking up early.  I've changed my degree plan (yet again) and I think I'll be able to finish in two more years instead of three.  I'm going to take one online summer class, because I'm crazy, and then it'll be back to the books this fall. 

-  Carly is finishing up kindergarten.  A friend of mine posted a picture from way-back-when Carly was a little bean, and I didn't even recognize her at first!  I'm amazed how much she has grown and changed.  Such a lovely, crazy, energetic, sassy, sweet baby mine.

-  Joshua is finishing up with seventh grade.  SEVENTH GRADE!  I'm in denial.  He worked all year from home, sharing an office space with his dad - sometimes a good thing, sometimes not so much.  Next year he'll be re-entering the ranks of public school.  Not necessarily because that was our plan, more because we missed the deadline to register him for home-school again.  I think it's a good thing.  But I'm also terrified.

-  We've got very few plans for the summer.  This is bad.  Other than some swim lessons in June, I've got to come up with inexpensive, out-of-the-house, non-commute heavy ways for my children to spend their time.  Yikes.

-  I feel relieved tonight, and yet afraid.  Osama Bin Laden was finally captured and killed.  I feel a little bit wrong rejoicing that someone died.  But, I'm glad that evil man is gone.  I am also afraid of what this means for our security.  I'm watching the crowds of people celebrating on the streets, I know I'm watching history as it is made.  I'm wondering what the days and weeks ahead will hold.

The End.


Pam said...

That picture is one of my favorites. It brings back so many good memories. If you ever need a somewhat cheap get-away (free lodging and food and fun) you are always welcome here. Congratulations on school. keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I recommend the Chateau Cha-Cha for the summer getaway. June is booked, but July has special openings :)

Sarah said...

I think we'll be visiting Chateau Cha-Cha in the fall. Hopefully, possibly...trying to!