Tuesday, June 7

Things you might or might not want to know, it's really up to you

I've started the summer semester.  I was going to take two classes, but decided one was more than plenty.  I'm really glad I changed my mind.

We bought a Dodge Durango.  Used.  Lots of room.  Gas hog.  Aren't you excited?

Joshua is away at Scout Camp this week.  I want him to have these kinds of opportunities, but I'm scared every minute he's away.  Sigh.  Not really sure how I'm going to handle the whole growing-up-moving-out thing.

Carly graduated from Kindergarten.  Pictures have been posted on facebook, making it very official, but here she is again for the non-facebook crowd (with her teacher).

Arizona is on fire.  I don't live in Arizona, however we have had smoke rolling in every evening.  Smoke you can see and smell.  It's kind of scary, I'll admit, and I really hope you Arizonians are safe.

I recently found a list of goals for last year which included a completed manuscript by July 31, 2011 - yeah...

How's summer going for you?

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