Wednesday, August 10

Birth Days

Carly turned six.  S I X.  That's a lot.  She weighed less than six pounds when she was born. 

And yet, here she is.  Six.

Six things about Carly:

1.  Her favorite food is apple pie (today).

2.  Her favorite toy is "I think dinosaurs...because sometimes I have dinosaurs to play with and dogs.  I like dogs too.  They're my favorite too because I just don't know why.  Because I've seen dinosaurs before."

3.  The best thing about being six?  "I'm older than people...and I get to tell them what to do, and they don't."  (Type A much?)

4.  She has a variety of nicknames at six years old.  Car Bar.  Sass-a-frass.  Car Car.  Carburetor.  Carly Barly.  Mini might.  Midgy Might.  Carbrat.  Carly Cat.

5.  She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  And a hair doer (like Shell, her godmother).

6.  She loves to wear her hair in a pony tail and nothing would make her more happy than hair that would grow long and luxurious and preferably resemble Rapunzel's. 

I sure do love this girl.  Sassy sauce and all.

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Harmony said...

I totally love your sassy frass girl, too! I thought the answers she gave where hilarious and oh-so-adorable.