Tuesday, August 30

Of School and Ships and Sealing Wax

I wonder if they offer a class about self doubt.  I most certainly have become an expert in the field, I could probably teach it.  Assorted topics of study:

How to Second Guess With Your Eyes Closed
Graduation: Changing Your Major to Keep it from Happening
All the A's in the World Don't Make Up for a Solid Lack of Confidence

And so on.

Why is it that two semesters in to my glorious return, I'm still terrified?  Why is it that I drop and redrop and reschedule until my course list is almost unrecognizable?  Why do I long to do nothing more than dig a hole and hide in it?

I mean, I wanted this.  Right?

So much of life is dealing with your decisions and learning to accept that even the right ones sometimes feel scary.

On the up side of things, check out Miss Sass A Frass in an outfit of her own choosing on a hot summer afternoon.  

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Anonymous said...

That is some very Katy style going on there, making the summer even hotter!