Monday, October 17

Dear Josh and Carly,

A list, which is probably the product of my temporary state of single parenthood:

To do (for me and you):

Get the house cleaned.  The tornado-ness is driving me mad.

Eat something totally unhealthy and delicious.

Also, indulge in Sonic shakes.

Play outside.

Keep the TV turned off.  The silence is my best weapon against the aforementioned madness.

Read scriptures every night.  Or most nights, possibly some nights - whichever comes first.

Get the homework done early so we can stop thinking about it.

Keep the sink free from dirty dishes.  A clean kitchen is so much happier.

Feed the dogs.  And water.  Poor puppies.

Play together.

Read together.  I love to hear the sound of falling night time stories.

Jump around.



Call Daddy. 

Write a love note.

Hug and kiss.

Live every moment.

Love hard.

Sleep soft.

Dream.  Never stop.

See you there.




Anonymous said...

What about "go decorate Cha-Cha's house"?

Mistylynn said...

Been single two nights now...thanks for the list :)