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Christmas Wish List - 2011

Not everything around here is Debbie Downer.  I mean, it is almost Christmas.  Once you get past the anxiety over presents, dinners, and decorating, it's a pretty fun holiday.  (Insert uplifting message here about the true meaning of Christmas.)

I'm sure the whole world is curious to know what is on my wish list this year.  Let us not forget the unreachable glory of the last few years.  So far Santa's elves have pretty much failed to produce. Ever hopeful, here is my officially official Christmas Wish List 2011including the Practical gifts and Super-Fantastic-Holy-Smokes-I-Need-That gifts, respectively.


1.  Kindle Fire.  Oh, yes.  It really is practical and I don't even have to pretend!  Textbooks of the e variety!  Apps!  Other books!  Lighter than  laptop!  (I'm not 100% sure it can handle bluetooth, but if so I can even add a keyboard and pretend it would be good for taking notes.)  Entertainment on road trips!  (For me!)

Santometer says:  Eric has already hinted that something rhyming with Brindle Pyre will be arriving shortly after Christmas, so Santa's elves get a bye on this one.  Weeeeeeeee!


2.  KitchenAid Mixer.  This has appeared on my wish list in the past and I did receive a stand up mixer.  But it wasn't the real deal and wouldn't spin the bowl properly.  Plus it didn't have the other attachment thingys.  And while the original stand up mixer I received has been put to much good use, I'd really like one of these pretty ones.

Santometer says:  I'll get back to you after I stop laughing.

3.  Pellet Stove.  We have one already.  We rely on it for our primary heat source in the winter.  Problem is, it's so loud.  No really, it's LOUD.  The blower dealy is just....what's another word for loud?  It does a fair job of heating (although it doesn't really heat the south side of the house very well), but we don't turn it up very high due to the loudness (which could be a factor in the not heating the south side of the house very well thing).  After a while you get used to the noise, but I'm pretty sure NASA can hear our TV from space because we have to turn it up so much to compete with the stove.  A wood burning stove would be an acceptable substitute (probably preferred except that we'd have to redo our chimney to install one of those.)


1.  This little Z Glass house thingy.  It's so perfect and tiny, I can't stand it.  The possibilities for use almost had me listing it on the Practical list.  A self contained little house for guests?  Yes please.  A perfect little sanctuary for Eric's brother if we ever convinced him to move down here.  And only $26,000!

Santometer says:  Nice try with the whole practical angle. 

2.  This little stretch of land out in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.  Located near our favorite lake and only an hour-ish from home, it features its very own set of ruins and lots of space for doing stuff.  Maybe camping?  Possibly horse back riding?  How about archaeological digs?  Yes, yes and yes.  We could even put a little house thingy on it! 

Santometer says:  You've heard we're in a recession, right?

3.  By far the most reasonable thing on my Super-Fantastic-Holy-Smokes-I-Need-That list, the HP TouchSmart 610 Quad.  First, it's just cool.  Second, it's way more powerful than our current home PC.  And third, it's really cool.  So, if HP wants to send me one based on all this free advertising to the 10 people who read my blog, I'd be ok with that.

Santometer says:  At least you brought it back down to Earth.  

I've included links to all my wish list gifts just in case someone feels generous.  Now, what's on your list?


Mistylynn said…
Yay for most likely seeing a Brindle Pyre :)
Shelly Bee said…
1. House (check)
2. Happiness (check)
3. Clients (in progress)
4. Computer, another laptop, or iPad
5. An awesome printer
6. A 40 inch for living room and a 55 inch TV for great room

Not alot..... :)
Harmony said…
ha ha! You are too funny! I loved the santometer.

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