Saturday, December 31


This was one of those years that sort of just flew by.  It was January - and then it was January again.  That is not to say we didn't have experiences.  Good and bad.  They just seemed to come and go so quickly.

A glimpse at 2011 in words:

January - On a High Stool 

February - Served

March - College is

April - What it means to me

May - In Profile

June - Jotting it down

July - In Memory: The Water of Life

August - Birth Days: Part Two

September - Dear Josh,

November - Tilt Oh Whirl

December - Dear Carly,

(My personal favorites were January, May, July and August.)

My hopes for 2012 are simple:

I hope to be more fiscally reasonable.

I hope to yell less.

I hope to do well in school.

I hope to be happy.

And, of course, I hope to win million dollars.  (But if not me, maybe you!)

Happy New Year!

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