Saturday, February 11

Dear Dad,

It was your birthday yesterday. 

I forgot.

Not entirely, I mean I remembered yesterday that it was your birthday but I didn't do anything about it.  No calls, or letters, or presents in paper.  I'm sorry about that.

By way of apology, here is my list of top ten things you've taught me. 

1.  Never do for myself what others should have the opportunity to do.  Service is a two-way street, even when the other person involved is my child and they really don't want to get up and get me a drink.

2.  There's good music, and there's every other kind of music.  You can easily identify the good music for me if I'm having a hard time figuring it out.  You're probably listening to the good music, because you certainly wouldn't be listening to the bad music.

3.  The Arizona Wildcats are the best team on Earth.

4.  Chocolate is the perfect food for every meal.  Pumpkin pie is a suitable substitute.

5.  There is no change.

6.  Commercials are better when muted.

7.  My kid's first car should be the kind of car they can beat to pieces.  Preferably it should come pre-dented.

8.  Am I better off today than I was five years ago?  Can I even remember what was so terribly wrong back then?  Then, I'm probably ok.

9.  That stupid thing I did, you probably did it first.  So yes, there is going to be a consequence.  But no, I'm not going to die.

10.  Love.

Thanks Dad.



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