Sunday, February 26

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Be You.
No one else can live your life.
No one else can do it just the way you do it.
Happiness won't come from following me,
it will come from walking your own bramble covered,
lumpy, bumpy, underwater, smooth sailing, sharp turning road.

Be Authentic.
No one else can make your choices.
No one else will choose the same things you do.
Happiness will come from choosing right,
and it will come from following your gut,
even when it's wrong.

Be Honest.
No one else can tell you your own truth.
No one else will see things just they way you do.
Happiness won't come from what I say about you,
it will come from what you say to yourself,
so choose kind, gentle, loving, honest words to build you up.

Be Kind
No one else can fix the bruises you inflict with your words.
No one else can undo the love you've shared with joy.
Happiness will come from the soft moments,
it will come in the stillness that follows a humble heart,
so be ready to bend a little.

Be You.

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