Thursday, February 2

Consider the possibilities

Tonight I am acutely aware of the tender mercies of the Lord.

In my life I have an amazing capacity for getting distracted.  Distracted by jobs I need to do, errands to run, money, grades to improve - both mine and not mine, people to talk to even though I really rather wouldn't ever make eye contact with anyone except my computer, emails to read and delete, money, food to prepare, sleep to lose, money.  Did I mention money?

Tonight we watched a short video about the Widow's Mite.  First, let me just mention that I never realized what a clever play on words that is.  Second, after the video we talked about what God requires vs. what we can provide.  And we came to realize those are the same things, and not just in terms of money.  He asks only for all that we have to give and no more.  Sometimes that seems like a real lot.  Especially when it comes to money.  No, He doesn't want all my money.  Or yours.  He asks me for 10%.  My 10% is the same at Mitt Romney's 10% that was so recently made a big deal about.  But I have a really hard time giving that 10%.  Despite all that I have, and despite knowing that what I have comes from the plan for my life, I have a hard time giving that little bit back to the Lord.  Especially when I've gone and spent my husband's paycheck at Target.  Target get's more than 10% from me - and I'm fully aware that I'm doing things backwards.  And still it's hard, so hard.  Because God doesn't knock on my door when I don't pay.  He nudges me, sure.  But never threatens to cut off my electricity.

But, it's not just money.  I would go back and count how many times I've said money in this post, but that would be depressing.  It's not just money.  God asks for our prayers, love and service.  And I have a hard time giving those too.  But I'm working on it every day, here a little and there a little, so that eventually Sarah's Mite will be great too. 

At this point there are a million metaphors running through my mind.  Ways to compare the requirements to the reality.  But, the short of it is - God never gives up.  Not on me, or on you.  He is watching and waiting for me to get my act together.  And He never says "I told you so."  He only says, "Welcome home."

How awesome is that?



Pam said...

Consider the Lilies is one of my most favorite songs. Especially sung by the MO Tab.

Karisa said...

Great post! I have a hard time too. Thanks for the reminder!