Sunday, May 6

Random is as random does

Some days I can't seem to un-grit my teeth.  Do you have that happen?  Every muscle seems to be tensed up, waiting for something to happen, ready to pounce.  I told myself to relax at least five times today - and yes, I was counting.  Because it seemed completely unreasonable, even to me.

Here's a funny little update/fact/tidbit/snapshot/thing.  Carly, lately, likes to start sentences with "Mom, I just need to tell you something."  Usually, what she has to say is some kind of explanation.  Like, what she wants to do and why I should let her.  Or, what she thought it would be just fine to do but now she's not so sure.  She has also grown fond of the phrase "Just so you know." 

"Mom, just so you know, I didn't do it," or something to that affect.  It's been going on for a good month now. 

Josh, on the other hand, doesn't have a lot of cutesy phrases these days.  His phrases are more like sighs.  Or, my favorite, "Yes, Mom."  But he says it in that way, you know what I mean, that really annoying-frustrating-I-think-I-can-feel-my-hair-turning-gray kind of way.  I'm sure it's something we all grow through, that button pushing phase.  The one that involves pushing so hard that, inevitably, everybody goes over the edge together.  But, that doesn't make it easier to take.  Which is probably part of why I can't relax.

That and all this pressure.  I can feel the moments slipping away.  Wasted hours and days and weeks.  Then months, then years.  And suddenly, my little baby boy is getting ready to start high-freakin'-school.  What's that about?

In other news, the super moon tonight was kind of a letdown.  And the great moth-pocolypse has given way to the even more annoying fly-vasion 2012.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Also, my cats brought a dead mouse into the house the other day. 

It's pretty much fabulous around here.

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