Tuesday, July 24

Sick and low down

These days I don't feel much like writing.  Which is sort of a lot alarming since it's how I plan to make my living when I'm all done with school.  I mean, what is that?  It's silly, that's what it is.  Did I run out of things to say?  My husband probably would answer that question with a firm NO.  Maybe I have too much to say, but I can't or shouldn't or won't. 

So I read this really funny (though a little swear word heavy) book review after our cousin linked it up on facebook.  The thing that made it really funny was the gifs.  Now, I'd link this review but it's not really appopriate for polite company and we're just going to pretend you're all polite.  Sorry.  To make up for it, I'm going to shamelessly steal the gimmick and use it here to update you on all the (you almost care about them) important events of my life from the last couple of months that I haven't been writing about. 

First I was having a great summer, and I was all

And then I got a nasty surprise, and I was all like


And then I was like


And then I, you know, got mad.  Really, really mad.

And afterwards I was all like


For about five minutes.  And then this stuff happened

But it really didn't involve animals so much as air conditioners and cars and things like that

So, you know, now I'm just like


The End.


Karisa said...

I've been feeling like you've been going through a lot lately, and wish I were a better friend. I wish we had a calling together since church keeps us so busy (and never together) and then when I'm at home I have too much social anxiety to actually call someone to hang out. I'll try to be better. This post was so funny!

Sarah said...

Karisa! We are so similar that I am actually kind of amazed. I hate using the phone so very much and I get all hyped up scared just thinking about going to Relief Society. I'm lamer than you are, trust me! Perhaps we need to just get comfortable with dropping by sometimes, I will work on it too!