Thursday, July 5

An update that's not really so much of an update but I'm not sure it really even matters



Yep, still here.  Sort of.  Have you ever had one of those stretches of time where it just all blends into a stream of colors, and you aren't even really sure what you've been doing?  Something like sitting on a merry-go-round and watching the trees turn into streaks of brown and green. 

That's my summer.

Except, don't forget the part where the merry-go-round comes unhinged and goes bouncing across the lawn while everyone screams. 

And when it comes to rest, you stand up and wobble around for a minute before you run over to a bush and ... well, let's not talk about it.

I've come to a realization.  Nothing happens the easy way.  Nothing happens while you're just sitting around watching TV.  Nobody rings your doorbell and gives you a thousand-million-trillion dollars.  Your car doesn't magically fix itself.  The roof doesn't seal up that hole its sporting.  Your kids don't get smarter.  Your homework doesn't do itself.  Your marriage doesn't get easier.  Your house certainly doesn't get cleaner.  Your relationships don't get sweeter. 

In fact, the opposite probably happens.

I've always (mostly) (nearly all the time) (occassionally) been a half-glass-full type of person.  I can see the rosy outline, I can feel the goodness coming down the pipeline, I can see the finish line. 

These days, not so much.  It's really disorientating. 

Also, there's dog hair on my floor and it's driving me crazy because it keeps coming back.  Darn dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Put on your glasses, it will make it easier to see. You will realize the rosy outline really is a monster - Elmo monster coming to give you a furry hug (which Carly is freaked out by because he is furry)!