Monday, August 13


The world is hard.
Hard days, hard times, hard faces.

Sometimes I want to just stop the spinning.
Stop the whirling, flying, crashing motion.
I want to be still.

I can feel the breathing, beating rhythm of change.
Every moment advancing.
An endless march of moments.
Everything morphing into something new.
Most of the time not even realizing it.
Most of the time feeling like we are standing still, aren't we?

Outside the sun sinks low.
Dropping into tomorrow without even a sound.
Just light.

The world is hard.
Hard faces, hard times, hard days.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is even harder when the ground is frozen, or, dare I say lest it happen to you, the chocolate supply in the house is depleated (most likely through a raid of barbarians).