Friday, August 3

Seven's Eve

I asked you tonight what the very best thing was about being Carly.  I was expecting some kind of sweet, funny, interesting, touching answer.  But you said: Playing in my room.

So here are my top seven very best things about Carly:

1.  You love life.  You spin, dance, sing, jump, run, whistle and flip your way through it.

2.  You love your daddy with your heart and soul.

3.  You have an endless, unquenchable curiosity (sometimes a bane, but really a blessing).

4.  You never turn me down when I ask for a snuggle.

5.  You try really hard to be good.

6.  You are a little daredevil; you want to swing higher, go faster, swim deeper, jump farther.

7.  You're my little baby girl, now and forever.

Happy birthday!

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