Thursday, October 4

Catching up

Oh, hello again.

I'm taking a creative non-fiction class right now at school.  It's pretty interesting, and I feel all the time sort of like "I've done this before."  Because, essentially, that's what blogging is.  Sometimes it's maybe not so creative, but it's usually non-fiction.  Although, I do make things up a lot.  I don't let credibility get in the way or anything.

Anyhow, one of the most interesting things I've learned is that there is no right way.  Sometimes, for my class, I spew out what seems like trash.  But it ends up working.  I've also noticed that my real problem is not so much that I don't have material, but more that I'm afraid to explore it.  Disecting the goods and bads that make me is downright frightening.  But, it ends up working. 

Besides the non-fiction class, I'm also taking a regular fiction class and 3 other online courses.  Plus working as a tutor.  Also, Eric keeps going out of town for work.  It's been an interesting semester so far.  Busy, that's how I feel and probably look.  But also tired.  Wrung out.  In only the best kind of way.

And all of this is merely meant to tell you, if you're interested, that I'm still around and things are just fine and I have things to say, but if you say them on a blog you can't submit them to be published.  Not if you want to get paid.  So I'm keeping things mostly on the DL. 

Look at me, dropping letters like the kids these days.

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