Tuesday, January 15


Classes officially started back up this week.  At times I am just shocked to be in the homestretch of classes, but then other days I am wondering why it isn't over yet.  This semester I'll be taking six classes.  S-I-X.  I also took six last semester and did ok until the very end when I lost my brain somewhere between Thanksgiving and Neverland.  This semester I am trying to stay more organized and on top of assignments so that I'm not battling down to the last moment.  Two days in and I've almost missed one quiz already so I spent a fortune in ink printing out all the class due date schedules. 

Anyhow, the first assignment for my creative writing class is to come up with a "spring loaded image."  I have the same professor as last semester, so I've actually done this before.  A spring loaded image is basically a short description of an image ripe with potential.  The example my professor uses in class is "A Wedding Cake in the Middle of the Road."  (If you clicked on the fancy linky-loo, you would have seen that this idea was made into a book back in 1992 , which just happens to be when my professor was taking a graduate class taught by one of the editors.)  So for today's writing (as a side note, I've only missed one day so far and I'm calling that success), I'm going to share some of my brainstorming ideas.  Don't expect them to be much, just a stream of consciousness to get the juices flowing.  Incidentally, if you come up with a spring loaded image of your own, I'd love to read it in the comments (wink wink).


Ballet shoes without ribbons
A half eaten sandwhich on a park bench
Crows on the porch beneath an open window
A downed telephone wire
An upside down truck on the roof
A man danging head first out the window
A baby in a stroller in the middle of the street
A record player stuck in the rut of a song
An empty cathedral
A molded cheese ball in a dark refigerator
The smoking wing of an airplane (anyone else imagining an airplane wing with a cigarette?)


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Karisa said...

Six classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could do that if failing them all was an option. I'm going to go do a page of Evan's math so I can feel smart. (Then I'll probably hold myself and chant "You're okay" for 20 minutes.)
Can you earn dual credit for me at the same time?

Good luck! I know you'll do great!