Tuesday, January 8

Dear Josh,

I wish I could tell you that I feel certain.  Certain about what will happen, what choices to make, what paths to go down. 

But I just don't. 

Some things are just hard.

We had a conversation the other night about choices.  It was a hard conversation for both of us, but I hope also a good one.  I had a realization of my own while we were talking, and I hope it's something you remember for a long time.

We talked about the road we have to take.  About how the easy path looks so tempting and so good.  And the hard path looks like it's straight uphill.  But the easy path is a trick, it's a foil.  The easy path only goes down, away from what you want and need, away from the rewards that are worth having.  The hard path goes up towards the things we want and need.  It might take longer, it might look too difficult, but it's the way that leads to the best rewards.  And everytime we take that hard path, we are only being our true, best self.  The one that's full of promise and potential.  The child of a loving God who is trying to be like Him.

You cried.  I cried, too.

I guess growing up is just part of that hard path.  Good thing we get to go up together.



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Karisa said...

I think Josh is a great kid. Wait- scratch that. Young Man! And he has great parents.

He will find his path, and thank heavens, everyone's path is a bit different. It's the growing up part, and finding it part, that are tough. Hang in there.