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Evolution of a story

Once, a while back, I got a great idea for a funny riff on Lord of the Rings.  We're big fans (of the movies more than the books really) around here, and I thought this would be hilarious if done right.  This is my dusty outline and the question is: is it worth pursuing?  (Side note: I have a ridiculous amount of trouble spelling "pursue".)  Let me know in the comments (or on facebook if that's your mode of choice).

(p.s. These are my ideas and intellectual property and you better not steal them and publish them, especially if it makes a lot of money and I find out about it!)

Lord of the Swings
It’s bad enough being ten years old.  Even worse to be ten years old with thick, curly hair that grows way too fast, over large feet and short legs.  But then my parents had to go and name me Frodo.

That’s right, my name is Frodo B. Wynn, fifth grader.

Frodo – 10 years old, short for his age, curly hair.  His parents were LOTR fanatics and Frodo hates his name.  You can’t even shorten it to anything decent. 
Sam – Frodo’s twin brother

Mary – Frodo’s best friend

Piper – Mary’s sister
Tom Dill  - the new principal of the school

The Ranger – Frodo’s dad Archer, a park ranger.  His mom, Ann Wyn
Hobbits – Frodo and his friends

Rohan – the soccer team, the captain is Elmer Dane (Eomer), his sister Ellen Dane (Eowyn), the coach is their uncle, Theo Dane.
Jim Lee – the gym teacher

Leigh Goles – the art teacher
The ants (ents) – a big hill that won’t die on the far side of the playground.

Mount Doom – the slide (an old metal slide that gets super heated by the sun)
Gollum – a thieving local wild dog that no one can catch, they name it Gollum because it chokes up fish.

Has to save the playground from an evil force, the bully Saul Ron and his minions.
Orcs – 6th graders

Nazgule – Saul’s best friends.
Boromir and Faramir – Bart and Farrel, Frodo’s neighbors.  Bart joins marching band.

“Where’s Bart? I never see him around anymore.”
Farrel shrugged as he pushed his stringy hair out of his eyes, “Practicing that stupid horn again I imagine.”
“I never knew the marching band was the end of your life.”
“Go figure.”

Book 1
A Long-Expected Party – Frodo turns 10, shares the birthday with his grandfather Bill.  Bill’s a little senile and wanders off during the party.   Following the incident, Frodo’s parents decide to move Bill into River’s Dell, a nursing home in the next town.

The Shadow of the Past – Randalf, newly graduated sixth grader, charges Frodo with protecting the playground.  Saul Ron has been biding his time waiting for Randalf to move up to middle school, and now the playground and ripe for the picking.  Frodo decides someone has to stand up for the playground.  His twin brother Sam agrees to help.

Three is Company – Skateboard riders – The Black Riders - (Sauls minions) come searching for Frodo, trying to convince him not to resist Saul’s reign of terror.  Gideon (Lord of the Elves), the student council president, offers his assistance.  Mary and Piper also join the fellowship at this point.
A Short Cut to Mushrooms – Farmer Maggot complains about the black riders and warns Frodo not to get mixed up with them.

A Conspiracy Undressed – Frodo’s dream.
The Old Forest – Old Man Willow, the science teacher?  Tom Dill saves them.

In the House of Tom Bambadil – Tom Dill’s office
Fog in the Barrow-downs – Tom Dill saves them again.

At the Sign of the Prancing Pony – in trouble with Dad
Strider – getting to know Dad better

A Stab in the Dark – the black riders attack
Flight in the Ford – Grandpa rescues Frodo in his beat up ford.

(My personal favorite thus far - though still unwritten - is Flight in the Ford...teehee!)


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