Wednesday, August 14

A Many Splendored Thing

Married life is not what I expected.  Oh, there are some things that seem "normal" - you know, the kids, houses, dogs, jobs, worries, and all that.  But, I don't think anything can prepare you for what it is like to share your life if you're all in.  Because, if you are all in, you have to surrender.  Control, mostly.  You are no longer the only thing that matters.

In the last sixteen years, we have:

Moved four times.

Welcomed two children.

Had 3 dogs and 4 cats.

Visited the Grand Canyon.

Gone swimming in the Great Lakes and Pacific Ocean.

Bought a house.

Owned or leased 8 different cars (holy smokes!).

Earned a master's degree and bachelor's degree between us.

Had 10 different jobs between us.

Stayed in really bad motels, slightly better hotels, and really nice hotels on various occasions.

Been through: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario.  Some we've only seen from our car, but many we've stopped and stayed in for a night or two.  There have been some weird and wonderful tourist traps, too.

Had amazing ups and devastating downs.

But most of our sixteen years have been spent just doing every day things.  Laughing, fighting, loving, dreaming, listing, fixing, breaking, hoping, working.  Somehow, those every day things become a little more important over time.  Choosing to love each other despite our many faults, choosing to move forward despite the trouble we've left behind, choosing to be all in - it can be really hard.

But the good news: it's so worth it.

Photos courtesy of the SIP Project.  Haven't heard of it yet?  Finding out more is just a click away!


Tim said...

This was beautiful. I love your writing Sarah.

Pam said...

Amen! Sure love you and your family!

Sarah said...

Thanks, both of you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like The Love Boat! Couple important things not listed: cumulative level 300000 in WoW, watching more Star Wars and Big Time Rush than you though was humanly possible to survive, and so many legos yet to come :)