Saturday, August 3

Eight is Great

On this very night eight years ago, my little Carly was preparing her descent into the crazy world below.  Here are eight beautiful things about my miracle child.

1.  She's happy, so so happy.  In fact, she spent a good twenty minutes this afternoon just singing "I'm happy! Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy!  I'm so happy!"  It makes me believe that even though I do a lot of things wrong, I'm getting the important things right.

2.  She's crazy.  Cray-cray.  Flipping, jumping, screaming, off her rocker in the very best possible way.

3.  She's snugly.  Super snugly lately, so much so that she seems to be on top of me wherever I go.  Which is mostly fantastic, but occasionally smothering.  (But, mostly fantastic.)

4.  She's funny.  This afternoon she asked "Why do people have arms on their hair?"  Which was supposed to be "Why do people have arm hair."

  5.  She tries really hard to be good.  Sometimes she doesn't quite succeed - but who among us ever really does all the time?  But, my how she tries.

6.  She loooooovvvvvveeeeesssss her father, brother, and me.  With her full, unfettered, devoted little heart.

7.  She sees only amazing things ahead.  And she believes she can do anything.

8.  I've had eight amazing years as her mother on earth so far, and I've got eternities to go.

Happy birthday, Carly girl!


EDT said...

Hooray for the Contessa of Cartwheels!! :)

Karisa said...

I love these birthday posts! I can't believe how big they're getting. I stillremember little Primary Josh and Carly, especially when Carly sat on the first row for the smallest children.

Sarah said...

I know! It's craaaazy!