Sunday, August 11

Lucky Fifteen

August is a busy month in the T house.  Carly's birthday comes first (as noted), followed quickly by Josh, followed even more quickly by our wedding anniversary.  Quick fact: Joshua came home from the hospital on our first anniversary.  Fourteen other quick and dirty facts about my firstborn:

Photo by DeAnn Payne
-  He loves Godzilla.

-  And Bigfoot.

-  His long standing nickname is Chibby.  He earned it by naming his toys "Chibby" when he was playing pretend.  At one point, he requested that we stop calling him Chibby and start calling him Shredder instead.  That didn't really work out.

-  Other nicknames include, but are not limited to: Chibnasty, Chibster, Joshy Boy, Joshy Boshy, Joshuweta, Joshy, and Bug-a-boo (though that last one is rather antiquated these days, sigh).

-  Josh has a secret and special nickname assigned by his Aunt Charlotte which I shall not reveal.

-  Josh loves to swim and can swim pretty well.  He even completed a 1 mile swim at Boy Scout camp.

-  Josh's favorite band is Maroon Five.

-  Josh's favorite color is blue.

-  Josh's favorite NFL team is the Patriots (and his favorite player is Tom Brady).

-  Josh met Carly on his seventh birthday.

-  Josh has a level 90 Night Elf Warrior named Warriorelf in World of Warcraft.

-  Josh has been to a lot of interesting places including the Grand Canyon, Palmyra NY, Cedar Point, Six Flaggs St. Louis, Disneyland, the UP and Mackinac, Hollywood, Roswell, the College Football Hall of Fame, Moab, San Diego, and Blenheim Canada.  He's not even close to being done exploring.

-  Josh plans to serve a mission for our church when he turns 18 (only three short years away).

-  Josh is a First Class Boy Scout and working towards his Star Rank.

Happy birthday to the best son I've ever had!

(But seriously, I am so grateful for this wonderful, crazy, unique boy.  He made me a mother and pushes me to the limits of what I think I can do.  I am so lucky to be his mom.)

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