Friday, December 20

Santometer 2013: My gift to you

I know you all wait the whole year for this special post.  Let me assure you, this year it's really good.  Unattainable, but good.  Without further ado, my Christmas list:

1. A new sofa, something sort of like this:

This isn't exactly right, because I'd also like it to have recliners - but I don't want an overstuffed, lumpy back end looking sofa.  Basically, it probably doesn't exist and if it does, I certainly can't afford it.  But, Carly keeps asking for a Barbie dream house too, so I figure why not aim high?

Santometer says: Even you know it's not possible.

2. This, so much this: 

In the interest of full disclosure, I shall disclose that I had a Ford Edge before.  And it was my most very favorite car that I've ever owned/driven/ridden in.  I hope to someday repeat the experience.  Hopefully this whole educating myself to get a job plan will yield one in the future.  But if not...maybe a hotwheels version?

Santometer says: Ho Ho No.

3.  This beauty: 

True story: my sister bought me a gold opal ring similar to this for my high school graduation.  It is/was one of my most prized possessions and favorite pieces of jewelry.  Somehow, in one of our moves, it got lost along with a bunch of other jewelry that belonged to Eric's mom.  Much regret and sadness have accompanied their loss. 

Santometer says: You didn't even hang on to the first one you had!  Seriously!

4.  I recently discovered a new website called Fancy.  And while there are a great many things there that could be on the list this year, this particularly struck my, ahem, fancy:

This is no ordinary lamp (ten points if you heard that in Jafar's voice).  My Grandmother had a similar fixture in her house for as long as I can remember and just seeing it in a picture makes me so happy - imagine what I might feel if I owned it!  Santa can you hear me??

Santometer says: While this little gem is more within reach, Rudolph's nose is more likely to turn peach!

5.  World Peace A visit to Rockefeller center:

I know there will be a zillion people.  And it will be cold and probably even a little bit overwhelming, but wouldn't it be grand to visit, just once?  Skate and eat hotdogs and count ornaments on a giant tree?  Stay at the Plaza Hotel and pretend to be rich?  Attend a Broadway show?   No?  

Santometer says: There's always next year.

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