Friday, September 19

Four for Friday, vol 5

Four photos from a lovely fall day:

Between here and Joshua's school is a nice park that is all natural - no benches or swings just trees and wood chip wandering pathways and pretty sounds. If I can figure out which path to take, this enchanted wood would actually be a short cut to Joshua's school. So far, 4 trips through the wood have not been a short cut but they sure have been fun.

Josh and Carly following Eric through the park. Eric calls any walk that is longer than 20 feet 'the bataan death march' and tends to whine a lot and press forward as if his heels are being nipped by the flames of hell. I did actually get him to slow down and enjoy this particular walk, part of the time anyhow. Later in the evening he proclaimed that the walk 'wasn't that bad, actually' and that he 'had fun'.

The grapes on our arbor in the back yard are turning a very pretty blue/purple. They are still pretty tart but Carly doesn't mind. She ate 2 bunches straight from the vine.

We ended our lovely fall day around the fire pit. It's not nearly as cool as the fire pit in New Mexico, but it smells great and is suitable for roasting marshmallows. My hair still smells like smoke today, even after a good washing.

All photos are courtesy of our new camera, wahoo!


Heather said...

Someday you'll find that shortcut, but in the meantime enjoy the nipping flames walk!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to get all those grapes before they get ripe and fall off the vine, becoming squishy enough that Joshy has to pick them up. Although it might be fun to gross him out again :)