Sunday, December 21

And there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth

At church I teach a class of kids that are 7 turning 8.

I can say without a doubt that it is the best class. Ever.

These kids sit and listen, ask questions, read scriptures and participate in the lesson. They aren't bored yet, they are still scared enough of me to do what I say, and they have curious minds. It's been 1 full year of bliss. Well, as close to bliss as you can get in Primary.

I think Heavenly Father must think I'm too comfortable.

Because I got put with the 4 turning 5 year old class for next year.

You know, that age when they're jumping out of their skin by the end of church, they are trying out new fun words and phrases on you, and they basically only want to know if they're getting a treat of some kind. Cutting paper is an acceptable treat, especially if it's paper that's important. Like, say, your scriptures.

I can't say I'm happy about it. At least they didn't give me Carly's class, I think my reputation as a 'nice person' might have been shot if they tried. The Primary Presidency tried to bribe me/apologize with a plate of cookies and such (they said it was a thank you, I'm viewing it as an penance for my reassignment), it wasn't nearly large enough. Oh, and all the other teachers got one too. Even the ones who get to stay with the same class next year. What kind of rip off is that?

On an up note, Cha-Cha QofL, universal favorite, older sister, rocket scientist, will be here tomorrow. She is staying for a blessed week. Her arrival is more anticipated than even that of the jolly old elf himself.

Oh yes, and we've got that super present thingy coming up.

I'll just have to keep repeating my mantra: And it came to pass, it didn't come to stay.


That Girl in Brazil said...

Totally love the new blog look. Very chic.

I am so sorry. My son is four turning five. And .... I'm sorry. How many do you have?

AMS said...

Look at the bright side... 5-10 minutes teaching time (tops), then crafts, games and play time for the rest! What's cooler!? OK, now that I spell it out in words... you did get jipped :) But they can be SOOOO loving at that age, too (just don't forget the treats :)