Friday, December 5

Four for Friday, vol 16

Four things I hope Santa brings me (not including that other wish list item):

1. A griddle. We don't have one, we've never had one in all our married life. It's almost pathetic. I'm not dreaming of sugar plums, I'm dreaming of making french toast and grilled cheese sandwiches without using every frying pan we own. Likelihood I'll receive this gift according to the Santatometer: Very good.
2. A new jewelry box, a big one with a lock. And pretty too. Eric's mom bought me a very nice, smallish one about 5 years ago. I love it but the key got lost in our last move so that it is now Carly's treasure playground. I actually don't mind a bit that Carly plays with most of the stuff in there but with the recent acquisition of some of my Grandmother's jewelry, I'd like a lock and key. Santatometer says: Chances are slim.
3. A stand up mixer. I've wanted one for a really long time but can't justify the cost with how non-frequently I would use it. I've tried to tell myself I would mix stuff more if I had one, but it just isn't true. Santatometer indicates that even I don't believe I'll get this gift.
4. The Killers new album, Day and Age. The first single off this album is crazy good and apparently it's not even the best single on there! (According to a good friend who doesn't read this blog and therefore doesn't need a plug. See, reading this blog gets you plugs. And not the hair kind, the good kind where I talk about how great you are. Let that be a lesson to you all.) Santatomer is calling for a good chance of snow and a slight chance this will be in my stocking. Very slight.


Betina said...

GET THE MIXER! It will really change your life. And get a Kitchen Aid, a good one. You will not regret it.

Heather said...

I wanted a mixer so bad, but same dillemma- I ddn't think the cost justified my probable use.

Luckily my SIL's MIL (did ya get that) was giving hers away! YAY, I'm the proud owner of an old Bosch.

It is awesome, but I don't think I use it enough that I would have been happy paying 300+ dollars for it.

Love the santa meter.

That Girl in Brazil said...

I could not live without my grill. This is a Santa MUST.

But my mixer is debatable - I truly don't use it as much as I thought I would. (I'd give it to you, but it won't fit into American plugs!)