Friday, March 20

Four for Friday - Mostly Unrelated Edition

1. I need to hop in the shower. That's right, it's 2:22 pm and I have not yet gotten dressed. In my defense, I am sick. Sick like I need to go to bed toot-sweet. The non-shower stank is secondary to this sickness.

2. Only 7 people voted on my poll. That was disappointing. I mean, 2 of the votes were from Eric and I! I chalk it up to 1 of 2 things: People don't like reading a wall of text OR People don't like reading my blog. Either way, Tamyrn's story won and so I'll be focusing some attention on her. Probably. A resounding vote of 6 is less motivating than you might think.

3. I have fallen off and am chasing after the "NO TO DP!" wagon. Since the Super Bowl it has pretty much been straight downhill. I am blaming it on the intense amount of stress I am currently under. (I also blame the stress for the ill I am under.) On the upside, my DP consumption is way down in comparison to pre-quitting so I am happy with that for now. And I haven't given up completely.

4. Yes, we're moving. Somewhere west and south. Per chance our final destination has the words New and Mexico in it's name. It all kind of hinges on finding an actual abode to live in. And affording a moving van. (Currently the quotes for said moving vans are much higher than we anticipated.) That's all I know, if I find out more I'll pass it along.


llegue said...

seriously??????Sweet!!!!!!! do tell

Pam said...

SO Erics work is going to let him work remotely? Boo-hoo for me but yeah for you!

Pam said...

I am trying to get ahold of Becca to see if she wants to do lunch next week at Olive Garden(6.95 endless soup and salad) does that sound good and what day would work?

Heather said...

WHAT?? I'm so behind with the computer crash and girls weekend.