Monday, May 11

I will

...filter out the bad moments.

...remember life in vivid colors.

...capture moments and lock them up tightly in my soul.

...stop and smell the air, feel the sand, hear the waves.

...let myself be photographed, especially if I'm smiling.

...admire the sparkle in my babies eyes.

...go down the stairs even if that means I have to climb back up.

...look at nothing because it is also everything.


Heather said...

I like this collage a lot! Squeeze all the fun out of Michigan while ya can!

Hel said...

Hi Sarah
Just popped on over to let you know that I am more than willing to give you the pattern (scant as it is) for the quiet bag if that's what you would prefer.

Would you mind emailing me so I can let you know particulars about the bag? Thanks!

That Girl in Brazil said...

That photo montage makes me all warm and fuzzy.