Sunday, November 29

Four for Sunday

In the long established tradition that I started just last year, I bring you the Christmas wish list for this year:

1. Stand up mixer - yes, this is still on my list (it's actually the only present I didn't get last year). Just think of all the things I could mix up with this sucker.  Cookies!  Bread!  Pie!  Cakes!  Maybe a stand up mixer will magnify all that is domestic in my little house-wife heart.  Or, you know, not.  Santatometer says:  I can't afford the extra calories from all that food I might whip up anyhow.

2.  A piano - this is my "WISH BIG" gift this year.  I have actually wanted a piano for a really long time, but we can't afford one.  And, oh yeah, I don't know how to play.  I was checking into piano lessons early in '09 but suddenly our life was turned upside down and it just never came to pass.  Santatometer says: Not even Santa believes this gift will happen.

3.  A Kindle from  Okay, so this year I'm wishing way out of the realm of possibilty, but a girl can dream.  This fancy little device holds books, books, magazines, and more books plus you can download more books.  It's a library in your hand.  Santatometer says: bahahahahahaha!

4.  Oil paints, brushes, and some canvas to play with.  I'm so inspired by the colors and textures around me right now.  I have never tried painting, who knows if I'm any good at it - but I think it would be fun to give it a try.  Santatometer says:  Slighty cloudy with a chance of paint in my stocking. 

So, what's on your wish list?


Anonymous said...

With legos you can make all your wishes (seem) to come true :)

That Girl said...

A stand-up FREEZER. That I would pack with meat and bread and butter and orange juice concentrate, and then I would stand back and BASK.

Go for the paints. They are fun.