Wednesday, April 21

Off the chest

First, let me just say, the lady who sent her son back to Russia because she couldn't parent him anymore?  Gross.  And sad.  And I do not, in any way, support her decision.

Do I understand, in ways, what she felt?  Of course I do.

Second, it is NOT just adoptive parents who should sympathize!  EVERY parent has moments where they think "OH MY GOSH, WHAT HAVE I DONE!"  Adoptive, biological or otherwise, the responsibility of keeping someone alive when that person is resisting you at every turn is EXHAUSTING.

Parenting stretches you to the very limits of love and humanity.  It tests your patience, your resolve, your capacity to forgive, your pride, your creativity, your decision making skills, your follow through...need I go on?  To be a parent is to give up control.  And I don't know about you, but that is REALLY HARD for me.

But it is also extremely satisfying when it goes right.  And healing when they drop a kiss on your cheek.  And fulfilling.  And joyful.  And worth it when you stick it out.

There are many, many parents - biological, adoptive and otherwise - that have given up on their children.  Absentee dads and moms who have shifted their focus somewhere else.  Stop and think a minute, this is not uncommon.  It's everywhere.

And it's not just about adoption.  

The End.