Thursday, January 8

Four for Friday, Christmas List Redux

Wondering just how accurate the ol' Santatometer was? Well:

1. A griddle: The Santatometer totally delivered on this. Not only did I receive a tilting griddle suitable for french toast, grilled cheese, pancakes and burgers, Eric cooked the first meal on it Christmas Day! (I actually haven't used it yet. Shhh, don't tell Santa!)

2. A new jewelry box: Another score for the Santatometer. No jewelry box. Heck, I was lucky Eric didn't spontaneously combust when he price-checked the thing. For now, I'm using a shoe box. It's not pretty but everything fits, it is up high on my dresser and it cost me exactly $0. If you don't include the boots.

3. A stand up mixer: Spot on prediction from the Santatometer, the mixer still lives on the store shelf. Eric did look at a couple, briefly, but it just wasn't gonna fit into the $50 gift cost limit. Maybe for my birthday, you only turn 32 29 once.

4. The Killers new album: Double points for the Santatometer. There was no CD in my stocking and it snowed in copious amounts before and during Christmas. It may have even snowed that day, I wasn't paying attention with all the shiney new loot lying around. To give Eric his due, he was going to get this for me, but the store had no copies (I checked). I bet that Santa delivers this present late - like the next time I'm at the store and it's on the shelf, somehow it will magically leap into my cart. I'll blame it on Christmas elves.

100% accuracy from the Santatometer is really impressive. Maybe I should start selling them on ebay.

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