Wednesday, March 11

Dedicated to my sister

She asked, I'll answer.

Q: What I really want to know is why with 100's of channels broadcast, there is nothing to watch? What was wrong with shows about families and making good choices - like telling the truth, loving others even though they are different, and telling jokes did not involve innuendo and foul language?

A: I am not really sure why good, loving, happy shows aren't being made. I think it has something to do with car wrecks. You know that little high you get when you pass a car wreck? I didn't say good high. But your stomach does that little flip as you crane your neck to see what happened. You might even be looking to see if the person/people are ok. But you look. I'm sure there is some complicated formula involving demographics, shock value, sex and drugs. If you have the magical mix right, you either get your own show or a really disgusting cup cake. What I can't figure out is how they tricked us into paying for such a motley collection of crap. Stick to kids shows, if you can stomach the sweetness.

Questions: Was the examination before or after dinner? Could they hear each others answers (not to imply that the Carberator was paying attention)?

Answers: I think it was after dinner, just before bed time. But I could be wrong. Carly heard Josh's answer for the second half of the 'test' and definitely mimicked some of them. I think 1-10 are all just pure Carly.

Now that I've resolved her burning questions, let me tell you a little more about her. Because this is dedicated to her after all. I've talked about her before. But I fear I have never accurately portrayed her. Telling you about her is like trying to put a kaleidoscope on paper, you just can't capture the facets. But here are my favorite things about my favorite oldest (in a young way) sister:

She is:
Soft hearted,
Shy, quiet, meek.
As gentle as the summer breeze.

And yet.

She is:
Solid, reliable, dependable.
As sure as the rising sun.

And yet.

She is:
Willing, Agreeable, Diplomatic.
She is my sister.

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