Monday, April 27

Nutin honey

I've been trying to think of stuff to say.  Stuff that might be interesting, or at the very least non-coma inducing.  

Trouble is, there is not much to say.  I mean you've all heard about the new house (which occupies pretty much every thought I have these days outside of the basic needs of existence).  You've all heard about adoption, and ADD, and napping.  My brother Ben thinks I am so under stimulated that all I do is nap.

I don't only nap Ben, I blog too.  Sometimes.  So there.

I've tried to be funny.  I've been seriously self centered and depressed.  I've been mad and sad.  I am sure, at this point, a good portion of my faithful few readers have stopped reading.  I guess that makes them just few readers and no longer faithful.  How unfortunate for me.

So, in order to create a more perfect blog that you might care about I give you pictures.  AKA the lazy woman's way of posting when she has nothing to say.

I know, I know, I better find something to talk about soon because those are just weird.


That Girl in Brazil said...

Tee hee! I think my favorite is the last one. I have exactly 79841326579874651 just like it in my computer archives ...

Anonymous said...

Not only do you have a few really faithful readers who read your whole post :) One checks daily (when the internet cooperates) just to see what you have to say!

I also know where there are all the free boxes moving you need, you just have to travel out west to pick-em-up. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but I thought I'd try ;)

Sarah said...

Does that still count as free though? The low, low price of a plane ticket or two?
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, unless you get somebody to deliver the boxes to you there is a pick-up cost. If you consider the fact that you are going on vacation to Disneyland, the pick-up price still is free :) It all depends on how you want to arrange the acconting spreadsheed. Surely the cost of moving supplies is tax deductable.

AMS said...

Hey, your nutin' is at least somethin' that still brings a smile to my face... and we're still here, at least I am :).